Monday, September 23, 2013


I have 2 weeks at my new job as an Instructional Aide at East Junior High under my belt. By day 2, I had my schedule memorized.  I was quickly reminded of the layout of the school from the 30 plus years ago that I attended my sophomore and junior year in the building. That was the easy part. I soon found out that I had some cobwebs to dust and rust to knock off to get the thinking gears moving. The gears need a little more oil but they are running smoother. I've relearned how to take notes. Within my notes, I learned from Health class, how to eliminate stress/stressors and applied it to my real life. I learned how the United Nations operates and about the different economies in the world from Government class and that 12.3cm = .000123km in Science class. I learned that the absolute value of |-3×6| = 18, (because -3×6 = -18, and |-18| = 18). I don't recall learning about absolute values way back when and if I did, I certainly didn't ever apply them anywhere. I also got to define the word aphrodisiac. After a few, um, um, lets see ... I think I pulled out a junior high explanation. Until next time ... Stay Calm and Learn On. (I'm thinking about getting a chain for my reading glasses. What do you think?)