Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Leah, Andy, Prairie, Jon, Lori, Bruce and Julie: Taking a break while 4 wheeling to enjoy the scenery.

Getting to my families favorite place to vacation this year resembled a traveling circus. The last time we were in this location together was in 2005 when the kids were still in school. If you saw us traveling down the road (RAILROAD) this is what it looked like: 2 Ford trucks, (TRAIN ENGINES), 2 trailers, (TRAIN CARS), 2 horses, (PRANCING PONIES), 2 dogs, (CLOWNS BEST FRIENDS), 2 UTV's, 1 ATV, (CLOWN CARS), 2 wall tents, (BIG TOPS), 2 woodstoves, (FLAME THROWERS) and 6 passengers, (CIRCUS PERFORMERS). If you looked to the sky, you'd find 1 plane traveling from Milwaukee to Denver to Sheridan to deliver the last of the family (GIRL ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE). One traveling show left on Monday, one on Thursday and the last arrived on Monday ... "Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages, Welcome to The Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming." The following pictures are just a taste of what we call a vacation. To some it means hunting, to others it's just enjoying the scenery and campfire camaraderie.

Wyoming Luggage
Leah and I delivered the RZR. It hasn't left the trailer and it's already muddy.
The 11" of snow that had fallen 2 days prior to our arrival had begun to melt. It was pretty, but it sure made for a mess to get into camp. The hunters and horseback riders got socked in during the snow. Thanks goodness for the woodstoves in the tents.
Honing their archery skills: Bruce and Andy
Roasting a few hotdogs for a bedtime snack. Looks like Cedar might be a "hot" dog too.

My view from my favorite morning post. From here I watch the sunrise and watch wildlife wake for the day.

A different view of the scenery.
Leah and I went down the mountain to pick Prairie up from the airport. On our way back up, we ran across this guy, Jim, setting up to go hang gliding. We enjoyed watching the process and his conversation.
Jim checking the wind before he takes off.
Prairie and Leah hanging by the right wing.

The girls are heading out to do some exploring.
I'll never admit that the main reason we go on this vacation is for the hunting, but I will admit it's an important part. Andy was successful on his 7th day of hunting with this nice 3x3 ...
3x3 Mule Deer
.... and the next day, Bruce was successful shooting this fork horn in velvet. It was great having both tags filled for the purpose of taking one trip off the mountain to the meat processing plant and to have the remainder of the vacation to spent together.
Fork Horn Mule Deer
Cowboy shaking the dust off his back.
The kids relaxing along the Tongue River.
Watching the aspen turn yellow.
Bridge over a creek leading to an outdoor john.

Mt. Dew break in the mountains.
Andy and Leah taking Cedar bird hunting.

I'm not typically an early riser but when I'm in the mountains and the alarm goes off at 5:00am I don't have a problem getting up to see this sunrise.