Saturday, March 29, 2014


We all do it. Some are more vivid than others. What is it? Dreaming. Many mornings I wake up knowing I had a dream, but I don't remember a thing. Then there are the morning I'm saying to myself, "What the heck was that all about." This morning was one of those days. The dream involved a Texas airport, tent camping in the snow at the airport and 3 little dogs that had really, I mean really, really, pointed noses and short legs. I did a little research on the meaning of these symbols.
The airplane in dreams represents a trip to another level of knowledge. When you see in a dream that you are traveling by plane, this means that you are reaching a higher level of knowledge and comprehension.
A tent in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer is traveling and do not settle. Wherever she wants to come to rest, it will be only temporary. Tent represents a lifetime building, which is built on shaky foundations, and it provides no security. This may also explain a desire for adventure and recklessness. Sometimes dreaming of the tent, suggest to get rid of all that hinders the self-development, satisfaction and joy.
To see a dog in your dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten.
After doing this research I still have a feeling of "what the heck was that all about." Maybe it means I'm going to travel and buy a dog. I did see a commercial on TV last night with an adorable puppy and thought I needed one. Although the dogs in my dream were not appealing to me at all. Help me readers. Can you interpret this dream ... or ... share your most vivid or strangest dream?

Monday, March 17, 2014


First things first ... Happy Birthday to my very own leprechaun. Happy 22nd Birthday Prairie!
Like the warmth of the sun
And the light of the day,
May the Luck of the Irish
Shine bright on your day.
Here are a few words you can incorporate into your Irish vocabulary. See if you can use them today. Here is my feeble attempt at using my vocabulary list ... Go out and plan some SHENANIGANS but don't get ARSEWAYS and end up CIRCLING OVER SHANNON unable to find a JACKS after to many BLACK STUFFS.
ARSEWAYS (adj) Mishmash. Complete disarray. Total mess. (usage) "Me car has been arseways since I ran over that pedestrian."
AWAY IN THE HEAD (expression) Insane. Not all there. (usage) Many Americans are away in the head. Disclaimer: I used American because today we are all Irish.
BANG ON (adj) Correct. Perfectly accurate. (usage) "That shot ye took at the ref's groin was bang on."
BLACK STUFF (n) Stout. (usage) "Nine pints of the black stuff and a gin and tonic for me mot, please.
MOT (n) Girlfriend. (usage) "Me mot drinks Black Stuff like there's no tomorrow."
BLARNEY (n) Nonsense talk used to charm foreigners. (usage) "They say the ghost of Finn MacCumhall still stalks the Grand Canal. Buy another round and I'll tell you all about it, my American friend."
CIRCLING OVER SHANNON (expression) Drunk. (usage) She stopped for a few pints after work and she ended up circling over Shannon.
DRAWERS (n) Knickers. Panties. (usage) "You could fit a hurling team into me wife's drawers. In fact I think she does on a regular basis.
GAMMY (adj) Damaged. Crooked. Useless. (usage) The entire government is gammy.
GARGLE (n) (v) Drink (alcohol). (usage) The staff single-handedly prevented the closure of the brewery by retiring to the pub for a gargle or two.
HOP (v) Play truant from school. (usage) "Let's go on the hop and get pissed. I'm fed up with teaching those bleedin' kids anyway.
JACKS (n) Toilet. Restroom. (usage) "Ye tink dat's bad? Wait 'til ye see de state of de jacks in de pub."
OUL' FELLA (N) Father. (usage) "Me oul' fella hasn't been seen since six o'clock last night when he went to the pub."
OUL' WAN (n) Mother. (usage) "Me oul' wan had me when she was sixteen."
ROUGH AS A BEARS ARSE (expression) Extremely hungover. Unwell. (usage) I don't think I need to use this in a sentence. You all understand.
SHENANIGANS (n) Mischievous, suspicious, underhand, devious goings-on. (usage) "Next item on today's agenda: planning shenanigans."
Happy St. Patrick's Day to All.

"The Feckin' Book Of Everything Irish" by Colin Murphy and Donal O'Dea helped me expand my Irish vocabulary.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I've (mostly) refrained from talking about and complaining about the cold and snow this winter, but come on .... it's MARCH! I quit looking at the thermometer weeks ago. I dress warm and always have my scarf and mittens. For the fun of it, I looked ahead at projected forecasts. It looks like it will be reaching the 30's by July. Until then, here's a riddle for you ... If it's zero degrees outside today and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?