Monday, January 26, 2015


A refraction of a reflection.
Every so often a person needs time to reflect. A stroll in the crisp winter air is a great place to clear your mind of clutter. Recently a stroll literally gave me time to reflect. While exploring at The Sculpture Park in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, I came across a clearing in the woods with a circle of full length mirrors attached to trees.  After my initial reaction of, "Yikes, who is that staring back at me with no make-up and those grey highlights," I realized it was me. I slowly turned in a circle and repeatedly saw that same person. Who is that person ... here comes the (self)reflection section of the post. She's a daughter, wife, mother, friend, coworker and is at a point in her life, she doesn't give a crap what other people think. It's part of the process called maturing. Now that I've made that statement, it's not entirely true. I do give a crap. I care when he pertains to being a daughter, wife, mother, friend and coworker. I don't like confrontation but I will fight like a momma bear if it is something I'm passionate about. I have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. If you choose to not agree with me, then you're wrong ... just kidding. My opinions may change, but not the fact that I'm right ... just kidding again. Maybe this self reflecting isn't working out so good.