Friday, September 6, 2013


They say giving birth is a "labor of love". I say being a homeowner of a log home is a "labor of love". I often think I'd rather push out a kid then do the maintenance that goes with log home living. Don't get me wrong, I love my home. But every spring when it's time to wash the dust off the inside walls from heating with our fireplace during the long cold winter months in Wisconsin, I moan and groan which is more than I did giving birth to my children. To top it off, this was the year the outside needed to be stained. I swear I was still scrubbing the stain off of me from the last time ... just kidding about that part. It's been 6 days of moving scaffolding, an extension ladder, a step stool and tying myself off to hang from the roof ... that part probably isn't OSHA approved, but the job is complete. Next time this needs to be done I'll be ... let's just say older. This is where that other "labor of love" comes in handy. Hey, kids ... come help Mom stain the house. I'll make you cookies.
PS. (Although I did all the staining myself because my husband claims he doesn't know how to use a paint brush, he was responsible for pressure washing the logs and doing most of the ladder moving. He was also close by to call 911 when I was tied off hanging from the roof.)