Friday, July 26, 2013


Middle age is when you suddenly find that your parents are old, your kids are grown up, and you haven't changed.
Middle age starts the morning you get up, look in the mirror and admit that you are who you are going to be. Frightening moment. No more hero, composer, author, athlete or superwomen. This is it. You are who you are. The first challenge is to prevent this moment of truth. Let us keep doubt, paranoia and realism from seeping through the wall of fantasy and adolescent behavior that has kept us moving and laughing all these years. "Middle age" describes a state that does not have a chronology but rather a set of preconditions. One of the reasons we react strongly to it is because it defines a person who has a set of symptoms for which there is no disease. Is there a cure? Here's the bad news: There is no cure. No one is even working on one. The only way to avoid middle age is to become prematurely old or stay in a "forever young" state of mind.
Words inspired by the book Middle Age Rage by Fred Shoenberg