Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A few weeks ago I got to enjoy a trip to Nashville that my sister Vickie planned as a gift for our mom and me. (We took our husbands as our +1) The title of this post explains it all but I'll indulge, or bore you with more details. My brother-in-law Jeff piled all 6 of us and our luggage into his Ford Explorer and with his race car spirit, had us arriving in Nashville in record time. Our first evening consisted of  social time at the Fat Bottom Brewery and Edley's Bar-B-Que. We all enjoyed a flight of beer at Fat Bottom, with the exception of my whiskey drinking husband who wet his lips with a mug of root beer. Throughout the next 2 days we laughed, shopped and sang. We wondered through the Opryland Hotel and enjoyed the gardens and a traditional Irish dinner of Bangers and Mash at Findley's Irish Pub washed down with a Guinness Harp. We loaded onto a camouflage Redneck Comedy Bus tour and took in sights around Nashville. (This is where there was a lot of laughter. Especially when we cracked open a Busch Light from our cooler and our comedian/guide stated that he's not even that redneck.) What's a trip to Nashville without an evening at the Grand Ole Opry where you can feel the history in the music. The temperatures reached into the 90's but we never complained except when we stood in line to get into the Bluebird Cafe only to be cut off because of full capacity. (The manager was nice though and let me in to take a peek and snap a few pictures.) We didn't let that bum us out as we found the last 2 barstools at Toostie's Orchid Lounge where we perched our parents and proceeded to drink our supper while singing loud enough to drown out the band. A little bedtime snack at the hotdog stand on the corner completed our night. With these memories and many more in between we piled back into the Explorer and headed home. Jeff's one request was to eat at the Waffle House. We indulged him and I have to admit, I enjoyed my hashbrowns "covered" and "peppered".