Sunday, August 25, 2013


We call ourselves "The Village". This picture only represents a small part of us. We consist of 5 couples, 12 children and their significant others, 5 grandchildren, 4 yellow labs, a black lab, a rabbit and an assortment of cats. Our family trees create an orchard within our Village. I like to think of us as an apple orchard, but others would probably say we are more like a field of nut trees. Either way, we don't mind. Together we have attended sporting events, dance recitals, fairs and funerals. We've celebrated birthdays, holidays, graduations and weddings. Some of our favorite memories are made on the days we get together for no reason at all. We all have wishes, dreams and "bucket lists" we share. Life without this bunch would be like sour apples instead of apple pie ala mode.
Photo taken at Grand Rapids Lions Club at Kolor For Kids 5K Run/Walk benefiting The Children's Miracle Network. We represented "The Village Women".