Saturday, May 4, 2013


As I reach the halfway point of my life, (yes, I'm going to live to be 102), I'm beginning to take offense to the old adage "Out With The Old & In With The New". I realize it's all a matter of perspective but isn't there a comfort in something that you're familiar with no matter how used and worn it is. Today I had to take the plunge and replace the fire pit on our deck. I like my old one better and read a lot of good books, enjoyed a lot of conversation and drank a lot of beer around it, but it was rusty and holey. The fear of the bottom dropping out while enjoying a fire was what forced me to replace it. Tonight I will read a book and enjoy a beer around the new fire pit. I will create new memories and make a wish that when I'm rusty and holey I get repaired instead of replaced before my bottom drops out. Cheers!