Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Wine drinkers aren’t the only ones that can enjoy an evening, or afternoon for that matter, of taste testing. Beer drinkers can too with a “flight” of beer. The concept is simple. Choose a selection of beer on tap and begin tasting. A typical flight consists of four to six small glasses, each holding about 4 ounces. In most cases the beer is tasted from the lightest to the darkest to ensure you can appreciate the nuances of the more gentle brew before the more intense and flavorful dark beers. In between tastes, cleanse your palate with pretzels. (Here is where I could explain the “pretzel necklace” but I’ll save that for another day.) For years I was stuck in the light beer rut. Then I decided to take “flight” and began touring breweries and learn more about my favorite adult beverage. A person doesn’t have to travel to far from home to find a microbrewery and since my home state is Wisconsin it isn’t too far for your big name breweries either. So grab your friends, raise your hand if I’m talking about you and a “flight” and see where it takes you. Be sure to have a pilot so your return “flight” home is a safe one. Cheers to Beer!