Sunday, May 4, 2014


We're moving ... both kids that is. For two weeks I've been hauling boxes home. I've created towering piles of them hoping it will be enough. Andy and his fiancĂ© Leah will be moving (locally) into their first house. Their moving process will be a few weeks long so we will be able to help clean and paint walls before the furniture moving has to begin. I already have my paintbrush and ladder ready to go. I'm looking forward to helping them make their first house a home. May 9th is the magical date of the house signing and also Prairie's college graduation. We'll be packing her up from Winona, MN and hauling 4 years of accumulation home before regrouping and moving her to the Chicago area. How can this be? Just the other day I was dressing them in coordinating outfits. Which by the way, I got away with for quite a long time before they realized what I was doing. When our kids were young I wondered ...  "What will it be like when they are grown up and on their own?" Now that I no longer have to wonder, I want them to be young again, wiping their noses, tucking them into bed ... and coordinating their outfits. But because time waits for no one, I must except this point in my life and be proud of the adults they have become.

By the end of the month, which I refer to as "Moving May", I'll be an expert in the relocation business. Don't think about hiring me though. The next month is June and I'll be busy with "Julie's June" ... and then after that I have "Julie's July" and "Julie's August".