Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Brought in the New Year with Friends.

Made Royal Icing (for the first time) to decorate cookies.

Celebrated Christmas in January because Prairie was in New Zealand/Australia for the Holidays.

Added to my Chapstick collection.

Drank some beer.

Bought matching “lazy” chairs for Bruce and me … they’re working really well.

Bought new luggage.

Celebrated Prairie’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas … good excuse to try out the new luggage.

Saw Phillip Phillips in concert at WSU with Laura and Prairie … who names their kid that?

Drank some beer.

Decorated a lampshade with Leinenkugel bottle caps.

Drank some beer … for the sake of future arts-n-craft projects.

Bruce bought a Polaris Razor UTV against my better judgment … don’t tell Bruce, but I love it.

Partied like a Rockstar for my birthday … felt like I had rocks on my head the next morning.

Started this Blog.

Upgraded my camera lenses.

Sold our canoe and pop-up camper and bought a 1992 5th-wheel. I once said I would never own a camper with an air conditioner or bathroom … never say never.

Went to Nashville with family … laughed, sang, danced and got some red cowboy boots.

Drank some beer.

Made strawberry/rhubarb jam until it was coming out of my ears … that’s a lot.

Celebrated Independence Day with friends in the Northwood’s … drank some beer. J

Saw a Fun concert at Taste of Chicago … for you that aren’t cool … Fun is the name of the band, not an adjective.

Enjoyed a Don Williams concert in the Dells with the hubby and parents.

Got to spend some time with a lifelong friend and had some childhood flashbacks.

Went camping/UTVing in July and needed mittens.

Saw Randy Houser in concert at the Wausau Fair.

Won a gun at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet … anyone want to buy a gun?

Drank some beer.

Saw Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in concert at the Wausau Fair … wish I would have worn a twirly skirt.

Added to my Chapstick collection.

Hosted 2 talented kids from Kids From Wisconsin.

Saw Josh Thompson in concert at Witter Field.
Enjoyed a long, long, long lunch date at the Harbor Bar in Waupaca with a couple of girlfriends.

Bruce and I attended a Packer pre-season game … now we’re anticipating the Wildcard game.

Participated in CMN Kolor For Kids 5k Funfest.

Saw Justin Moore in concert at the Marshfield Fair … this might have been my favorite concert of the year.

Stained the house … this was not fun like everything else on my list.

Started a new job … 4 months later and I’m still lovin’ it.

Went camping/UTVing in September and needed the air conditioner … hot, hot, and hot!

Got to enjoy the UW Marching Band at a Rapids football game.

Attended the Packers/Lions game and again, got to enjoy the UW Marching Band and a Packers win.

Drank some beer … with friends at Dells On Tap. According to the pictures, we had a blast. J

Had a successful shopping and social trip with high school girlfriends in Minneapolis and enjoyed a Brian Setzer Concert and Maiden Dixie Band.

Created a YouTube account.

Celebrated Andy’s 25th birthday … really, 25? How can that be?

Hosted my family for Holiday celebrations.

… coming around full circle … heading out for our traditional New Year’s celebration with friends.

Live Long and Prosper!